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Incorporated in March 1998, Dongguan Chengxing Electronic Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company focusing on the R&D,
production and sale of a whole series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and meanwhile engaging in the production of aluminum electrode foil and equipment.
Headquartered in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the Company boasts more than 1,000 employees and a capacity of 4.5 billion capacitors/year.

  • 1998

    Founded in 1998
  • 40000

    A plant area of 40,000m²
  • 35

    An annual output and sales of 3.5 billion capacitors
  • 1000+

    Over 1,000 excellent employees


With active cooperation, sophisticated technology, stable quality, efficient business services and considerate after-sale services, Dongguan Chengxing Electronic Co., Ltd. has been rapidly risen to be a leader in the industry with good reputation since its establishment in March 1998.

  • In order to meet the demand of the clients of on-board system, the R&D and production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for vehicles were launched, and the application for IATF16949 international automobile quality system certification was submitted and approved.

  • The screw type capacitor workshop was transformed to be intelligent and automated, which had enhanced production automation and had introduced intelligent aging devices.

  • Catering to the development of the fast charging market for high-voltage products, the plant was expanded again, Chengxing Electronic High-tech Park was established, the 3rd Manufacturing Department was set up, and three factories were restructured according to the product size and voltage for better quality control.

  • Ya'an Aluminum Foil Factory in Sichuan was wholly acquired for manufacturing of medium-high voltage aluminum foil, realizing the integrated R&D and production of key materials.

  • Production and quality ERP management system was independently developed and introduced, to realize efficient management, control and tracing of client order, supply chain,, product manufacturing and circulation, FIFO control, quality data collection and analysis and quality traceability system.

  • Full-automatic intelligent aging machine were introduced to the whole production line, to improve product quality and shorten the production cycle, laying a solid foundation for a better client service.

  • Chengxing Electronic became one of the top 10 manufacturing enterprises with the highest annual output in the Pearl River Delta.

  • Breakthrough was made in R&D, the laboratory was fully upgraded, and products with reliable performance were developed to satisfy the market demand and win the clients’ trust, including long-life capacitor with ultra-low impedance for actuating LED, and 125C capacitor for the on-board system of Toyota series vehicles.

  • Dongguan Chengpai Industrial Co., Ltd. was incorporated.

  • Chengxing Electronic (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong.

  • The independent sales branch under Chengxing Electronic was set up, to better serve the clients.

  • Adhering to the concept of sustainable development and committing to environmental protection, Chengxing Electronic applied for and passed ISO14001 international environmental system certification.

  • Conscientiously practicing the business philosophy of “people oriented, client first, scientific management, and quality foremost”, Chengxing Electronic won the deep trust from the clients, was rated time after time as excellent supplier by clients, and was awarded the “Credible Partner Certificate” by a Dongguan authority.

  • In order to meet market demand, the plant was expanded and the 2nd Manufacturing Department was set up, for the production of small high-voltage and high-frequency & low-impedance capacitors.

  • A production line for capacitors with solder pins was built to produce screw/bolt type electrolytic capacitors, which were widely used in PC power supply unit, audio amplifier and industrial inverter, etc.

  • Attaching importance to brand effect and valuing product quality, the Company applied for and passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

  • Dongguan Chengxing Electronic Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City with registered brands of chengx and cheng and registered business of aluminum electrolytic capacitor production.



Chengxing holds 3 invention patents and 19 utility patents

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification

  • IATF15949:2016

  • Utility model patent for the auto feeding unit of capacitor

  • Utility model patent for the destaticizing unit of capacitor winding machine

  • Utility model patent for the water-circulating dust collector used in capacitor manufacturing

  • Utility model patent for the dust collector used in cutting of capacitor core paper

  • Utility model patent for a multi-stage noise reduction capacitor

  • Utility model patent for a high-temperature resistant capacitor

  • Utility model patent of a fixed capacitor

  • Utility model patent for an intelligent capacitor case capable of temperature monitoring

  • Utility model patent for a box capacitor

  • Utility model patent for a hierarchical anti-seismic capacitor equipment

  • Utility model patent for a capacitor that is easy to install and disassemble

  • Utility model patent for a capacitor of good heat dissipation

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